Month: March 2018

Stop Thinking. Stop Pondering. Stop Strategizing. Stop Debating. Start Doing.

Formal Outline

Morning, Midnight, Melting Frost In this essay I intend to show as much detail in Robert’sĀ panel as possible, involving many sources including scholarly ones as well. Additionally, I wanted to base this analysis on the effects that deaths from HIV/AIDS have on those in the surrounding area of the subject. This paper will mainly be…
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Unit 3 Preliminary Outline

Morning, Midnight, Melting Frost (Title) The description of this panel is in the remembrance of a caring person known as Robert Frost. This panel is part of BlockĀ 792, which is connected to a larger project, also known as the NAMES Project. The primary colors of this panel consist of very cool colors such as a…
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