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Stop Thinking. Stop Pondering. Stop Strategizing. Stop Debating. Start Doing.

Formal Outline

Morning, Midnight, Melting Frost In this essay I intend to show as much detail in Robert’s panel as possible, involving many sources including scholarly ones as well. Additionally, I wanted to base this analysis on the effects that deaths from HIV/AIDS have on those in the surrounding area of the subject. This paper will mainly be…
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Unit 3 Preliminary Outline

Morning, Midnight, Melting Frost (Title) The description of this panel is in the remembrance of a caring person known as Robert Frost. This panel is part of Block 792, which is connected to a larger project, also known as the NAMES Project. The primary colors of this panel consist of very cool colors such as a…
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Understanding Primary & Secondary Research

When it comes to collecting sources for any project or assignment you’re working on, there are sources that are collected through gathering new data and there may be sources that have already been produced that you may use on said assignment. Primary research being defined as new data that is gathered that hasn’t been collected before…
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The Artist’s Main Weapon (Class Prep for 1/26)

The slender, yet pointed object presents itself as something that seems to be used often. There also seems to be a dried liquid alongside the fine-shaped object. This dried liquid circling around the slender, coned-shaped object seems to have a bit of color to it. Ink? Perhaps some kind of colorful oil? This mysterious object…
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War and Famine: Nigeria

For hundreds and hundreds of years, mankind has been raging war against each other to such an extent that it is believed that war has been around since the dawn of time. Through war, many lessons are learned and many are ignored and many, if not all, have very terrible consequences that come along with…
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