The Artist’s Main Weapon (Class Prep for 1/26)

Stop Thinking. Stop Pondering. Stop Strategizing. Stop Debating. Start Doing.

The Artist’s Main Weapon (Class Prep for 1/26)

The slender, yet pointed object presents itself as something that seems to be used often. There also seems to be a dried liquid alongside the fine-shaped object. This dried liquid circling around the slender, coned-shaped object seems to have a bit of color to it. Ink? Perhaps some kind of colorful oil? This mysterious object also seems to have somewhat of a gold wrap towards one end that leads to soft bristles. It is shown that there is a small imprint alongside the item.

Q & A:


Q: Does this item have any true, deep-meaning to you? Why?

A: Yes, because I (the wielder of the item) am an artist and art has been a big part of my life.


Q: When did you obtain this item and where?

A: The wielder got the object in her art class when in high school. ” I receivedĀ it from my art teacher back when I attended high school”


Q: How much did this item cost for you?

A: Free

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