Unit 3 Preliminary Outline

Stop Thinking. Stop Pondering. Stop Strategizing. Stop Debating. Start Doing.

Unit 3 Preliminary Outline

Morning, Midnight, Melting Frost (Title)

The description of this panel is in the remembrance of a caring person known as Robert Frost. This panel is part of Block 792, which is connected to a larger project, also known as the NAMES Project.

The primary colors of this panel consist of very cool colors such as a light shade of sky and a strong blue to fill in the fonts of the words of the panel. Additionally, on this panel, there seems to be a numerous amount of other pieces of artwork along the length of the panel as well. These art accessories on the panel also contain colors of their very own from green, brown, Black, Tan, orange, purple, and a bit of red and gold. The small hint of gold is given to express a beautiful, shiny and extraordinary look upon the image and it may also represent something special as well that tied with Robert. There show to be plants, vines, body figures, and a person’s face that is believed to be Robert’s in the top corner.

In this essay I intend to show as much detail in Robert’s panel as possible, involving many sources including scholarly ones as well. Additionally, I wanted to base this analysis on the effects that deaths from HIV/AIDS have on those in the surrounding area of the subject. This paper will mainly be intended towards the audiences of subjectively non-family members for the simple fact that I want thoughts and opinions heard from sources that do not have a mother-father relationship with Frost. This essay will not only give insight to those who believe that HIV/AIDS is a forgettable issue but also insight to those who seem to forget that value of a human life no matter if they were family or not. Also to consider the Psychological distress among individuals which can come to the possible mental health issues that have a chance to arise from such tragic moments.

Majority of my research on this topic will take the path of many psychological research procedures, many of which that come from Google Scholar. For instance, Journal of the International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (JIAPAC) states that many Psychological stress disorders elevate to extremely high levels during the effects of HIV infection. “This study was conducted to compare the nature and range of psychological distress among HIV-infected individuals who had sought mental health care as part of their HIV care in Kenya and the United States.” Using this research I can be assured that many of the after effects of HIV can linger for years even after the victim has been put to rest. While those focus solely on the people that are diagnosed with HIV infections, it comes to question… how would it affect someone who had no relation to the victim at all? These are all questions and social experiments meaning to be pushed, tailed and discovered.

While there may be many different sources and different topics on the discussion, I may decide to thereby to add on to the discussion due to recent discoveries of very interesting social research. One source that I may plan to involve may revolve around the topic of Silence, sexuality and HIV/AIDS in South African schools 






Work Cited

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