War and Famine: Nigeria

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War and Famine: Nigeria

For hundreds and hundreds of years, mankind has been raging war against each other to such an extent that it is believed that war has been around since the dawn of time. Through war, many lessons are learned and many are ignored and many, if not all, have very terrible consequences that come along with it. Nigeria is an extreme example of what can happen to citizens in an area that is either affected by war or is in the middle of a war. The representing photo is but a small portion of the overwhelming problem that was overhead. This photo shows Federal Nigerian troops walking along a road (showing characteristics of war and battle) and very young children who appear to be very frail and suffering from malnutrition. As you can also probably see in the picture is that these young Nigerian boys seem to be dying, begging for food from the nearby troops.

The problem I have with war is that the situation is that people fight to protect what is theirs and seem to hurt their own in the process. The story behind this picture is that Biafra was a receding state within Nigeria that fought a war for independence from 1967 to 1970, after years of fighting and a crippling blockade set by Nigeria resulted in the deaths of between 500,000 and two million Biafran civilians by starvation. Starvation alone took out a large number of citizens, with no external assaulting force even involved. This picture can be heard with the words that lead to the frightening image of war and famine.

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