Morning Dew, Melting Frost: Morning Dew (Introduction)

Stop Thinking. Stop Pondering. Stop Strategizing. Stop Debating. Start Doing.

The Aids/HIV epidemic that was noticed around the country was also known to be explosive around the city we know as Atlanta. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is known as a widespread virus that interferes with your immune system, not only that but unlike certain viruses, HIV isn’t completely curable and even with the aid of treatment once you have contracted the virus, you’ll surely have it for the rest of your life. Additionally, while HIV causes the immune system to become very weak overall this also causes advancing stages within the virus to take place. These stages start off from the acute HIV infection and end up towards the contraction of the well-known virus of AIDS, which is also known as the final stage of HIV.

Around the general society that us people reside in, there are a common, widespread amount of ways for one to contract a virus of this nature that mostly includes sexual interactions and syringe/needle use more or less. While many may consider HIV one of the main burdens that come with unprotected sex, it is also worth noting that many people have realized that it is not just unprotected sex that causes the upbringing of this disease but the matter of people and their sexual preference. In the eyes of many, Homosexuality around this time has been something that has definitely become more of a liability mainly for the fact that many of the very early cases of AIDS/HIV resided in gay men. This being said, it is obvious that back in that time, the overall idea of gays and sexual preference mattered much in the idea society due to gay marriage being against the law and discrimination against those who were brave enough to reveal their sexual identity.

The 2014 PMC US National Library of Medicine reports that approximately 60% of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-infected individuals are unaware of their infection, and stigma and discrimination continue to threaten acceptance of HIV testing services worldwide. Self-testing for HIV has been something that has been accumulating dissension across the country due to the prejudice that many HIV infected individuals receive. While that may go to question as to why that would cause anyone to act narrow-minded in any way is mainly because of ab-normalized action of even having a reason to get tested for HIV. Today, many teenagers and adults alike apply for HIV testing and no one would blink an eye at you, however, if you were to get tested HIV around the wrong time, people would wonder what you have been doing with your spare time and therefore assume or consider what type of person you are. Not only does this apply to individuals who have sex with between discordant partners but also to individuals who reside in the LGBT community.