Morning Dew, Melting Frost: Different Faces, Different Names

Stop Thinking. Stop Pondering. Stop Strategizing. Stop Debating. Start Doing.

As from the argument of LGBT discrimination, social divide, and even community¬†outroars, there have been many protests and as an example, many of those who were discriminated against began to uprise and find a center point. There were those who believed that they weren’t treated as a normal human being and there were those who felt they weren’t even acknowledged and seen as someone who was just a liability and another potential number on a mortality chart. However, progressing on to later stages from those social indifferences there also seems to be positive social protests that aligned those who were subject to the HIV virus, those who had loved ones that fell victim and those who belonged to the LGBT community.

This protest was one described as the NAMES project, and as many people may disagree and say it wasn’t much of a protest, I argue that this is both somewhat a protest and a memorial to portray the strong emotional effects the infection had on families and friends. These emotions are portrayed on quilts and thus tell stories and passively represent the everlasting ambiance through each piece of cloth and material used to create it. These pieces of art are known as quilts but are also depicted as panels as described in the website. They share a “block” with other family/friend created quilts and thus create a large block-like shape which resides numerous art characteristics. These quilts are all approximately the same measurements and were created to hold on average seven panels to form a single block.