Morning Dew, Melting Frost: Melting Frost (Conclusion)

Stop Thinking. Stop Pondering. Stop Strategizing. Stop Debating. Start Doing.

The NAMES Project originated from an AIDS and gay rights activist by the name of Cleve Jones. Through his creation and along with the help of his friends, I am able as a GSU student to be able to research further upon the gestures that were taken when creating these quilts. Through my assistance in creating my research, I had the honor of picking two of my choosing to analyze.

As acknowledged in my prior analysis, it is known that many of the problems that have originated within our country have also been spreading in other parts of the world as well, one of which is South Africa. As these problems continue to spread in flames and corruption around the globe, we too, also spread in love and understanding and we use our current society to fix those who feel as if they have been discriminated. It was not too long ago when there was a time where someone couldn’t even receive accommodations because of their sexual preference. Although now, inequality still circles around the subject of an “ideal” sexuality and HIV still remains a major issue, I can argue that there has definitely been some improvement upon not only research but also the social aspect of the issue and I can prove that using the NAMES Project as an example.

The Names Project has taken the different route from the everpresent darkness of death and has rerouted their emotions towards a memorial that portrays their loved ones into art that they themselves can emotionally attach to. These panels create such an immersive and captivating atmosphere among those who can not only truly appreciate art but life in itself. As this project may have been seen as just a memorial created, however, I believe that it is very clear now that this memorial is believed to become such an innovative, healthy and an overall ambient message that is guaranteed to leave an everlasting effect on the world.