PSD 2: Robert Frost

Stop Thinking. Stop Pondering. Stop Strategizing. Stop Debating. Start Doing.

Cold Colors

The description of this panel is in the remembrance of a caring person known as Robert Frost. This panel is part of Block 792, which is connected to a larger project, also known as the NAMES Project. To be very descriptive in a simple way, this panel’s color is somewhat of a range of blue shades that give a pastel-like setting which leads to smaller shapes and images on the inside. The panel’s decorative features lie in mainly just solid colors, there aren’t any patterns or crazy, shiny popouts that stand out like a sore thumb. However, there are just subtle and calm energies that seem to emerge and spread throughout the cloth-curated art which can also lead to many different people gaining a very tranquil vibe from it. As I said similarly before, the panel doesn’t have much a very extravagant background due to the just the solid color all around, however, the color can range aside from just blue and cool colors of that nature. The other colors on the panel mostly come from the art accessories that reside on the panels that take the shape of certain images. These images contain their very own original colors that differ from the overall vibe of the entire panel. These subtle colors can span from a small variety of green, brown, Black, Tan, orange, purple, and a bit of red and gold. As these colors may make the panel pop out a bit more with the small differential array of colors in the images. Although it makes sense that Robert’s favorite color could have been a light blue, nevertheless, the irony that I find with this panel is that it represents Robert Frost, which with the last name Frost it could be possible that the loved ones of Robert could be trying to using the “cold” colors to represent his last name.

Imagining Images

The images that are in the panel take a gigantic part of the art as a whole mainly because of the color scheme, the size and the placement of each cutout or image. While there are many among Frost’s pick, they each represent a certain something that is unlike any others that spread across. The image on the bottom right first caught my eye because it unambiguously showed to shadowy figures that are cut-out. The cut-out was trimmed into that shown image with some basic material that blends in so well that it looks that it   This cut-out could be a symbol for a number things, it could symbolize to people having a warm conversation or it seems it could also represent two people taking different poses. One of the figures could be Robert and the other figure could be a loved one that had a large part in his life. Additionally, there is also the image of the plants that you see dead center towards the bottom of the frame. I’ve noticed that these plants seem to resemble vines and have gold reflective material to symbolize the branch portion of the vines. This characteristic of the vines alongside