Formal Outline

Stop Thinking. Stop Pondering. Stop Strategizing. Stop Debating. Start Doing.

Formal Outline

Morning, Midnight, Melting Frost

In this essay I intend to show as much detail in Robert’s panel as possible, involving many sources including scholarly ones as well. Additionally, I wanted to base this analysis on the effects that deaths from HIV/AIDS have on those in the surrounding area of the subject. This paper will mainly be intended towards the audiences of subjectively non-family members for the simple fact that I want thoughts and opinions heard from sources that do not have a mother-father relationship with Frost. This essay will not only give insight to those who believe that HIV/AIDS is a forgettable issue but also insight to those who seem to forget that value of a human life no matter if they were family or not. Also to consider the Psychological distress among individuals which can come to the possible mental health issues that have a chance to arise from such tragic moments.

I. Introduction

A. Panel Description

  1. Colors and Physical Features
  2. Entering Interpretations of Robert Frost

II. Black Ice

A. Unseen Aftereffects of HIV/AIDS

B. Psychological Problems

  1. Developing mental issues
  2. HIV/AIDS affect schools, public areas etc.

III. South Africa Snow

A. The Sharing Affect of HIV/AIDS through people in America to South Africa

IV. Why America, Why South Africa and Why The World?

A. The Approx. Amount of HIV/AID Infections around America/South Africa/ The World

B. Spreading Awareness Around The Globe

  1. Larger expansion of the NAMES Project
  2. Representation of HIV/AIDS Infection around the world

C. Why Will This Help

  1. Development of communities and organizations willing to work with victims
  2. Help with the spread of developing mental issues through victims

V. Conclusion

  1. Summarized entire outline
  2. Relateable sources and topics




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